White casserole pot by Seppo Mallat

Until recently this enamel saucepot made by Finel (Later Arabia)was said to be designed by Antti Nurmesniemi. Though my friend interviewed his wife Vuokko and found out it wasn’t his design. Now it is said to be designed by Seppo Mallat who worked in Antti's Studio in 1963.The saucepot by Finel is very light and easy to use though the wooden handle saucepan made by Arabia is quite heavy. There are many colour variation and also decoration with this type.

Made by Arabia of Finland


David said...

FYI: Seppo Mallat died last week.

nobi said...

Dear David
So sorry to hear that he died.
I do not know his other designs but I do like this casserole.
Thank you for your infomation.