Factory Marks of DANSK

I have tried to verify the marks of DANSK but couldn't find any books or magazines mentioning about them. This is MY point of view so if you have yours please let me know...:-)  In 1954 Kobenstyle Enamel pots were produced. These days the mark was with four ducks and under them it said Designs Denmark JHQ. The difference between the latter DANSK is that the inside of the casserole lid as well as the bottom of it is all in the same enamel color.

After that the factory moved to France. The mark says DANSK INTERNATIONAL DESIGNS LTD IHQ FRANCE . The difference between the former one is that the color inside the lid is white and the bottom is gray like the picture.And most recently Dansk has moved the factory to Indonesia (I have seen some made in Thailand.) which I do not have any photos. Sorry!

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