Jens H Quistgaard/ Demark

Jens H.Quistgaard was born in Copenhagen Demark in 1921. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a painter. He himself was a sculptor , ceramic artist, carpenter and a draughtsman. He used to assist his father at world famous silversmiths, Georg Jensen. He won Lunnig Prize in 1954. In the same year he established a new company known as DANSK. He had mostly designed the product for DANSK for about 30years. He went back to Demark at the age of 63.His well known products are Kobenstyle Enamel Pots/DANSK 1954 as well as Classic Teak Wood Ice Basket/DANSK 1960.

Kobenstyle Enamel Pots/DANSK

Teak Tray/Dansk

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